Friday, July 9, 2010


Yesterday was the BIG day. I got to have surgery! I have been looking forward to this. Now I am patiently waiting to heal and have some results. No I did not have cosmetic surgery, yet.

I had 1 surgery with 6 parts to it. Here we go:

1. Lapascopy, they filled my body with gas so they had room to work in
2. Removal of the left ovary, I have been having problems with it
3. Look for and treat endometriosis, Scott can't remember if they found any
4. DnC, to prepare me for
5. Ablation of the Uterine Lining
6. Re arranging my intestines, once inside of me they found my intestines bunched up on my left side. It is possible that this was also contributing to some of my problems

The surgery itself took just over 2 hours. It was very long. I feel really good today, all thing considering. I am taking my meds as scheduled, I don't want to feel any pain. The only bad part was the breathing tube was in for so long that my throat and mouth hurt. I also have very little voice. I am eating ice cream, cough drops and soup.

Scott came home on Monday to help take care of me and the girls.


Gina said...

Awwww... u poor thing! Im so glad Scotts there:) Gods speed Woman:)

sew rosey said...

Glad the surgery is behind you and now your job is to take it easy for awhile so you can heal. And no, you DO NOT need cosmetic surgery!

Sandra H said...

I'm glad Scott is there to be with you and the girls. That type of surgery is never fun. It took several days for my voice to come back and several more for the sore throat to go away. Since I've been sitting her at home for just under 1 month now, I've accomplished very little besides house work. I thought I had quilters lined up for my pink quilt, but they backed out this morning. No longer talking new clinets. I just knocked out a quilt top and have two more to go (this includes quilting) by Saturday AM. Not large quilts, just good sized lap ones. I'll send pics when finished.

You need to take care of your self. Let Scott do ALL the lifting. You will be doing enough of it when he returns to work.