Monday, April 12, 2010

I am almost back

It has been a crazy few weeks. Last week I was sick and I am still recovering from that.

I have finished 2 of 3 of the cherry quilts for a client. I started the last one last week. They take longer than you think. I am hoping to have the third top done by the end of the month.

Other than that not much sewing going on here.

Delaney loves riding her bike when the weather lets us go out. Daphne likes going for a walk while Delaney rides.

Last weekend I got to go to the Foothill Quilters quilt show. They have one of the BEST guild shows. I bought vintage linens to make pillows out of for the bedroom make over. The only fabric I bought at the show was 5 yards of a large print for $5, if nothing else it will be a good back.

I am sad to say the Auburn quilt shop is closing. When I was their in February they were talking to people that were interested in buying the shop. The owners are retiring and they didn't sell. Also the Quilter's Studio is closing in San Carlos. That makes 3 shops that I spend money at that have closed this year! It is only mid April.


Bonnie said...

Dy: Glad to hear you're back. Missed your words of wisdom. I think you better stay away from quilt stores and use up your stash. I know I will never use up mine and some how more fabric just keeps on multiplying in that stash. I, too, felt the Foothill show was fantastic. I wish that our guild could do the same. I love my CD of the quilts I bought, and to think that they only got the quilts by 10 a.m. the day before the show and yet had a CD at the show to sell. What a money making idea. The pictures were of such good quality and no people were ever standing in front of the quilts as often you find when you take your own pictures. I loved their theme and the music playing in the background while viewing the quilts. I also loved the book they provided with a description of each quilt--wish we could also do this. I like to be able to refer back to the programs, when I am thinking about making a quilt. The two (book and the CD) are priceless. What a treat for the girls to be able to get out and have fun in the sunshine. I have a new project for you; Delaney needs matching arm pads to match all her outfits when she is riding. With all this talk of quilting, I better get back to my projects I am making for my staff for Professional Administrative Day (Secretary's Day), Wednesday April 21.

Bonnie said...

Dy: Sorry to hear you are under the weather again, take care. Talk to you when you get better; I bought something the other day and you are going to be green with envy.

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