Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring To A Finish

I am joining in on Tallgrass Prairie Studio's Srping To A Finish. You can still join! The challenge started Monday April 19 and runs through May 31st.

I have made my list of projects I want to finish. I will keep a copy on my side bar too.

1. Brown Dress for ME
2. Delaney's Sundress
3. Daphne's Outfit
4. 3 Crib Sheets for Kristen
5. Cherry Quilt 1
6. Cherry Quilt 2
7. Cherry Quilt 3
8. Hexi Quilt Top
9. Pinwheel Quilt Top
10. Bind Brown Quilt
11. Stripe Purse
12. Red & White Quilt Top

If it all gets done I am supposed to think of a reward for myself. If I can get 2 things a week finished, I can get all 12 done!

Join me in the challegne. Make your list and May 10th there is a half way check in.


miz lizzie said...

Why 3 crib sheets for Kristen and did you think about joining the Round Robin Row quilt. 1st row is due May 27th. Please think about it.

Bonnie said...

Go Dy. I will be happy to finish one wedding quilt.

yuzhen said...

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