Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last Weekend of Summer

Do you have plans for the Last Weekend of Summer? Not much going on here. I am making a list of plans though. There is a ton of stuff I want to get done. If I start my weekend tomorrow, I can make it a 5 day weekend.

Here's my list:
1. Steal produce from my parents garden
2. Clean out my Freezer
3. Freeze some Corn and Squash
4. Finish the top of Frank's quilt
5. Go to the Post Office
6. Tackle the shopping, Target, JoAnn's and Grocery
7. Start working on my chair (photos to come)
8. Piece a quilt back
9. Put up a batch of salsa

I am thinking that is more than I will actually do. Check back during the weekend and see my progress.


Lisa said...

I too have been thinking about what I want to do the last weekend of summer.
1. move Richard downstairs
2. shop at Hanncocks on Monday
3. Hospice blocks
4. work in the garden

Sandra H said...

How do you freeze corn and squash?
My corn taste metalically after its been frozen.

This weekend I had yardwork in mind. The weather was supposed to be a lot cooler than it was. Well, I took the dogs for a walk, cleaned the house, cooked, finished quilting a quilt, worked on snuggles for pets in shelters.

Today I actually dug up a tree root which was trying to surfac under the brick patio (what a production), delivered the previous day's completed quilt, grocery shopping, smoked tritip for dinner. Now I think I'll settle down and try to work on my row round robin.

I'm not sure about tomorrow. Maybe pay bills.

The chair you want to work on, is it the one from Binford?

Bonnie said...

Well I don't see everything marked out in red? What happened?