Friday, May 14, 2010

Vacation Day 2

It is a new day and time for a new list!

Friday's List of Stuff
1. Finish sewing siggy blocks for swap
2. Make Deb's block for Bee Inspired group
3. Bank
4. Grocery Store

5. Finish White Thread Quilting on Client Quilt
6. Sandwich Baby at the Bordello
7. Holy Moly Gaucamole Cupcakes
8. Start baby girl gift
9. Get together more supplies for Sunday's class
10. Clean up the patio


Bonnie said...

Dy: What class are you taking? What is sandwich baby at the Bordello--sounds interesting. How is your other list doing to finish your projects? Can you post the holy moly gaucamole cupcake recipe? I want you to know that I got my wedding quilt top done and it is at Merrry Quilters being quilted. They say they might even have it done for this month's meeting. Then I will only have to bind it before August 7. Hooray. Working on some baby quilts too.

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