Monday, May 24, 2010

What a Day!!!

Like my life isn't crazy enough, my day has been insane!

I have lots going on. But here is just a small highlight, I have had a blinding headache all afternoon. I am not sure if it is the 5 hours of sleep, overdose or lack of caffeine or the wind killing my allergies. So I take 3 little white pills from Mexico and a Diet Pepsi. This only took off a small edge. I found some Allegra and took one of those too.

Tonight I had to go out to run a quick errand. I was talking on my phone when I pulled into the drive way, THANK GOD!!! I turned off the car, tossed my keys in my purse, grab some garbage and shut the door. In this time Delaney got out of the car too. I hear CLICK! I told my mom "I have to go now, I need to call AAA I just locked Daphne in the car." Of course I was driving the HHR that does not have OnStar!

My call was marked High Priority. They called out a Tow Truck and the Fire Department. Of course the tow truck got their first. It took him 10 seconds to get my doors opened. The Driver said "The Fire Department was called too. Where are they?" Me "Starbucks." He laughed and agreed.

For those of you who don't know, last week Stockton Police handed out 48 pink slips and some demotion notices. While the Fire Department is taking NO CUTS. And speaking of Stockton Fire Department they are currently 6 MILLION dollars over budget and are asking for more money to make it to the end of the year. Really can't they show up for a 7 month old locked in a car?

Daphne is perfectly fine and did not cry through the whole experience.


sew rosey said...

I can sympathize about the headache and being locked out of the car. Glad you got Daphne quickly, and hope your headache goes away soon. There may be a bug going around because I had it yesterday.

AAA advertises they will make you a plastic key to keep in your wallet for emergencies. Well, I did that and when I needed to use the key it was worthless and I had to call the big yellow truck. Now I keep a spare metal key in my wallet. Works great.

Bonnie said...

I know your pain both ways, the headache and locking your kid in the car. I did that to Manuel Raymond when he was under a year in his car seat at the grocery store. Of course I put my purse in the car and then locked the door manually. Luckily one of the farmers we knew was also there and had him out in less than a minute.

jennifer said...

Your mom told me about the grapefruit mexico pills.