Monday, March 15, 2010


I NEED a new sewing studio. I have to give up my old one so Daphne would have a place to sleep. My current sewing space is just too small for me. I am sharing the living room/home gym/sewing space. It really is too much to fit into one room.

IF I can talk my dad into it. IF I can get Scott home long enough to build it. I would like a small 1000 square feet sewing studio. It will need a full bath, kitchenette, and detached garage (not included in the 1000 square feet.) I want lots of windows, for natural light. Of course laminate flooring, easy to clean. I also need built in shelving, cupboards and counters. I will need a spot for my sewing machine and my serger. I would like 10 foot ceilings with a library ladder on my design wall.

Dad I don't want to look at the packing shed IF you could please plant a flower garden so I have something to look at out the window. And Scott IF you could please order up that computerized Gammil for me, I should have plenty of room.

IF only IF...

***Since my mom and Jennifer are concerned about space for the kids and the nanny, no worries. My darling children aren't allowed into my new studio. When we pull into the detatched garage they will promply walk across the field to visit with their Grandma and Grandpa to spend wonderful quality time.***


jennifer said...

I say make the girls share a room. Thats what therapy is for when they get older....Keep theapist in jobs. If scott or your dad is making you might want an extra room for.....the nanny...I heard you can get male ones.

miz lizzie said...

I know you've heard of hand-me-downs. So...I'll give you my sewing studio and I'll take the dream one, that you have in mind to build on my property. By the way, Jenn is right. If you're building a sewing studio out here you will need th extra room for the nanny.

Deanna said...

i like how youv'e thought of every detail! i was just dreaming mine "perfect" room up the other day as well!


Sandra H said...

Don't forget about Jack. He is going to need a corner space in which to sleep. But with 1000 sq ft, he should have plenty of room which to chase the girls around. Now, what about your classroom. You know, the one which we will need when you teach us how to make your designer quilts.


barb w said...

I say you dream a little bigger. 10,000 sq feet that contains multiple bedrooms and bathrooms for your quilting friends who want to use your place as a retreat. Of course, there will need to be space for the chef who will be on call at all hours. A fully stocked wine bar and a chocolate fountain for those who need a little break from sewing. Could be a real money maker. If you decide to take my advice, please have Merlot in the wine bar.

Hanging out in Stockton said...

What you think about you bring about. You go Girl!!!

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