Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time Flies

I am not sure what we have been doing. I will hit some of the highlights for you all.

I was invited to share a table with a friend at her son's school Fall Carnival, to sell some things I have made. I am also making stuff to have a spot at a Holiday boutique in Linden December 11th. I am VERY excited for that one. I have been working on stuff for that.

I also finished the SoCal HHR donation quilt for this year. It was raffled off last weekend. I got it done start to finish in 5 days! It was CRAZY! I lost the pattern and had to make it up on my own. Then the drive to deliver the quilt ended up having to back out do to a family emergency. At the last minute 7pm on Wednesday I got a new driver. It was delivered to him at noon at a freeway off ramp.

I have been going to Booty Camp. It has been a bazaar experience. The final week of camp 2 of the classes were cancelled. We extended the camp a week. Then we were to do our final weigh in and measurements last Thursday and our leader forgot everything. So now we are adding another day. It is getting harder to go. It is about 40 degrees in the morning and we are working out in the park, it is windy. I have enjoyed doing Booty Camp and I am thinking of doing it again in the spring.

Delaney has lost a tooth and another one is loose. Yes she is only 4. I did check with a friend in the dental field and she said it is normal. Her adult teeth are already coming through before the baby teeth get loose.

Daphne has had the flu twice, I think it was from her flu shots. She is too little to get it in one dose so she got 2 halves a month apart. In between the flu she had a bad head cold. She now has 2 teeth and is trying to walk. She is extremely independent and a daredevil.

Scott has been sicker than a dog this past 7 days. He worked 2 half days and was out the rest of the time. He did go to the medic a few times and at one point was hospitalized. He was given MANY bags of saline, one day he got 7 total. Yesterday he was able to work a whole day and eat a few things, toast and applesauce, without throwing up. They do have something going around on the base.

I have been sewing but I can't share what they are yet. Soon.

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Bonnie said...

Well you're alive; was beginning to wonder. You use to blog all the time, now it is only spotty. Where is the boutique in Linden on the 11th. Let me know. Sorry to hear that you have had illness in your family. Poor Scott; what a terrible time; he really must have gotten dehyrated to need that many unit of saline. Tell D1 and D2 hello and take care.