Thursday, November 6, 2008

Winter Cleaning

I have started the Winter Cleaning this week. Yes the Winter Cleaning. It is similar to Spring Cleaning but done in November. In the time between Halloween and Veteran's Day I empty out the rooms in my house to do serious cleaning, in preparation of the holidays.

Today was my living room. I empty all the furniture but the couch and went to work. This includes wiping down the base board, chair rail, wainscoting, ect. Next I need to do some touch up painting. I just had Scott bring in the tree for that living room so it will go up tonight. I will decorate it next week though.

I am hoping to take on Scott's living room over the weekend. He will be working at Big Joe's so I have to hold off on moving the furniture and doing the floors until next week. I hope to put up the village on Black Friday. The outside lights get turned on that day too.

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