Thursday, January 8, 2009


A few things have been going on the last few days and our lives are a little more hectic than normal. With that said on to the good stuff!

Last night I had the opportunity to go with friends to Liz's Quilting Estate Sale. It was a wonderful night getting to share memories of Liz and her projects with friends. Natalie, Thank You. Thank you for allowing us to have part of your mom too. She is missed by all of us. Liz was Queen of the UFO's. So of course I bought a few. Because I am only a UFO Princess.

My truck is in the shop for a few days. My 4-wheel drive is jacked. Debbie at Chase is taking good care of me. We are hopeful to get my truck back tomorrow. In the mean time I am back in my dad's truck.

And last but not least my Blog-a-versary is next Wednesday. My blog turns 2 on the 14th. Starting Sunday we will be posting daily, having daily prizes, one day I will have a guest poster Scott, and more. A big THANK YOU to Kymn for my blog-a-versary button. A little something headed your way too.

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