Tuesday, July 8, 2008

LuAnne This One is For YOU!!!

Okay I just got home from the Manteca Library for Tuesday Night Sew. I decided that I did not want to pack down my sewing machine, which in turn means I wasn't going to work on the Alien Quilt or my Mystery Quilt. I needed to find something to work on. My Mom is saying "Just Stay Home!" "Hi Mom! Get to work. Cut somebody off!"

SO at 5:30pm I was checking my e-mail, Yes mom still over 300 in the inbox. I found an e-mail from All People Quilt. When I opened it there was a link for a Blue Jeans Quilt. So I figured I could grab the bag of jeans that have been sitting in my sewing studio and get to cutting.

I have split all my jeans so I can cut the block pieces out of them and I started cutting one pair into blocks. My problem is that most of my denim is the same color. I need to see if Scott has some dark questionable pairs that my need cut up. This most likely will become an UFO for next year.

*If you click on the words Blue Jeans Quilt above, it will take you directly to the quilt directions.

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