Friday, August 1, 2008

Suffering A Loss

I am depressed today. I am suffering. I keep telling myself it isn't that bad. It is. I had to drop off my sewing machine to be serviced. It wont be ready until Monday at NOON!!! Do you know how long that is??? That will be 74 hours WITHOUT my machine.

Now some of you are saying don't you have more than one machine? YES But I use my Pfaff. I had my Feather Weight serviced last month but I haven't done anything with it since. I don't know I can make it another 68 hours without my machine. I guess this is a good excuse to try out the Feather Weight. I did load up the quilting machine from being serviced. I might actually quilt something and finish an UFO. I really want to use my Pfaff to put borders on my quilt from last Saturday.

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MsLizzF said...

Use the long as you only have to sew...forwards and backwards..your fetherweight will work fine. Take the plunge.....get some scraps and try sewing on will work.