Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 Down and 4 To Go

Another project off my list to get done be the end of Labor Day. You want to see? Do you really want to see it? Maybe. I finished my Stop the Recount mystery quilt yesterday afternoon. I decided to omit the borders on mine. It is still a twin size quilt. Now my reasoning is easy on this one, I ran out of fabric. The light blue was in my stash and was a yard short starting this quilt and the brown was the end of the bolt and was a half yard short. Solution No Borders. I do have enough brown to bind the quilt though.

This morning we drove it out to Oakdale to drop it off at Quilters Cabin. Viewers Choice judging will start on Tuesday the 26th and go to Saturday the 30th. SO if you are out that way stop by and vote for me and Liz.

While I was shopping today quilts number 7, 8 and 9 came in. The deadline is 5pm tonight so it looks like me and Liz have a shot at a prize. So go Vote!

Okay done reading? Here is my quilt...


MsLizzF said...

Love the way yours turned can really see the circles. I left off the last row of blocks so mine turned out to be a long lap top. I'm going to give it to my son-in-law...since he's so tall. Good Job Dianah.

Dave said...

Can you make a "Disney's Car's" or a "Disney Princess" quilt?