Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lost In Translation

Today I picked Laney up at the girls school. Nat was already out, Linda had some TPC stuff to do while she waited for Nik. I got their in time to help finish unloading Linda's truck filled with TPC dinner stuff. After we finished all of us headed to the playground to kill some time.

The after school program kids came to play on the playground so Nat, Laney and me headed to the parking lot to get ready to leave. Linda and Allie had to go to the office for something. I had to keep telling Laney to hurry up. Once we got up to the office, next to the school but and 2 parents waiting I had to tell Laney again "Hurry Up!" This is when she tells me "Bite Me."

Now I did stop and take a breath before turning and saying "What did you say?" Laney says "Bite Me." I looked at Nat and asked her "What did she say?" Now I went through this 5 times. The bus driver comes over to ask if everything is okay. The dad waiting is trying not to laugh and watch. FINALLY Laney says "It Bite Me." Then she sat down to take off her shoe.

She had bark slivers from the playground in her Sponge Bob Crocs. They were "Biting" her feet.

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Liz said...

Thanks so much for the laugh!!! That is so funny! "Bite Me" kids really do say the darnest things!!!!!