Wednesday, August 6, 2008

6 More Inches

Do you know what I would give for JUST 6 more inches?!? Now I am not being greedy I really NEED JUST 6 more inches. I am really thinking it isn't a lot to ask. I mean I am not asking to win the lottery or for a Corvette, Scott you still have 6 more years for that one. I really would like JUST 6 more inches.

Last night my fabric for my last boarder was JUST 6 more inches short of piecing it on the bias like I did the other 3 sides, yes I followed the directions and no I couldn't get more it was a 3 year old UFO! Then my bobbin ran out, I was JUST 6 more inches short of thread to finish putting on the last border. Now this morning I am working on a tutorial for Stash & Scrap Elimination Project, to be posted on the 15th I promise Barbara, and I am JUST 6 more inches short of scraps to finish.

MAN it's not like I'm asking to suddenly grow and become 5' 10" from my current 5'4" but that would solve the hair and butt issue. I am just asking for enough fabric and thread to finish projects! Is that too much to ask for?

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