Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Going To Salinas! I'm Going To Salinas!

I'm kinda excited, I'm going to Salinas! I am actually waiting for Scott to get home and my clothes to dry and then I'm going to Salinas! I get to work at the Salinas store in the morning. I enjoy working their.

So tonight I am driving over and checking into the Salinas Holiday Inn Express. Then it is off to Monterey for pizza at Gianni's. I can't wait! Yes mom I am taking an ice chest and ziplock bags for the left overs. Yes mom I am ordering you garlic breadsticks. I am also stopping at the Gilroy Outlet Mall. I am getting me a birthday present at Coach and checking out Strasburg Children for a little something for Poop. Also a quick stop for Artichokes on the way back from Monterey. And how do you make the trip without some produce and raisins, for Poop, from Casa de Fruta. Did I mention I am working?

I have the sewing machine and 3 projects sitting by the front door so I can do a little sewing in my room tonight. Really I am going to work!

Bon Voyage!

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The Sarah Bear said...

WOW! I wish I could go work in Salinas! I could rotate between all the cool library systems!

Have a great time! Work on your UFO's, eat good pizza, and savor the breadsticks (I love breadsticks.

I will visit my lovely work location in downtown Stockton.