Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Back!!!

I got a late start yesterday so it was straight to Monterey for pizza at Gianni's. I ordered an XL pizza half Gianni's Special and half Double Pepperoni, 12 Garlic Bread sticks and a Diet Coke. Now you are laughing at the Diet Coke. I also asked for 10 of the bread sticks to go and a box for my pizza. People were looking at me funny because I had a huge pizza and just me at a table for 2.
Doesn't it look good! I did take an ice chest and Ziploc bags to bring everything home in.

So since it was almost 9pm when I left the Artichoke place in Castoville was closed. There was a crazy storm rolling in too. The sky was black and you could see tiny patches of pink form the sunset. Lightening was going off over the bay and parts of Monterey, Seaside, and Marina had NO power.

So after I worked this morning and got out of the hotel I headed back to Castroville for some Artichokes. I think I bought 8, 2 did go to my parents. This is the field in front of my car when I stopped at the Artichoke stand.

After I left Castroville I headed to Gilroy for the Outlets! I got my Coach Sling Pack in Turquoise leather. I have been wanting one! And today was "Amazing Deal For The Customer and Dumb Employee For Even A Better Deal Day" at Coach.

I found my bag, the ticket says $129, okay what I expected. But wait, at the bottom of the stand, seriously 6 inches above my TOES!!!, is a sign $99. YES! SCORE! My bag is on sale! So I head up to pay. The cute little sales girl comes to help me. "Your total is $69.57" she says. I asked "Was it additional off?" Cute sales girl again "Yes 20% off." I really had to stop and think here. No my basic math says that is more than additional 20%. I asked her again "It was an addition 20%, and my total is $69.57?" "Yes, you got a good deal," the girl tells me. Me, I think I got a screaming deal and you can't figure it out! But it gets better, remember it is Dumb Employee For Even A Better Deal Day. I give the cute sales girl the exact amount of money for the sale, 3 $20's, 1 $5, 4 $1 and 2 quarters, a nickel and 2 pennies. She is confused. I think she was looking for the Visa logo. She counted the money 3 times, YES 3 times. Then she hands me $10 change and my receipt. I then smiled and said "Thank You" and left. At this point I will say if a customer asked you this many questions about you total maybe you should do one of two things, first check if you rang the sale up correctly and second get out of retail!

So after this I head to Strasburg Children. When I got their all clearance was an additional 30% of the lowest price. I got Poop a pair of rain boots for $9 and a lime green dress and bloomers for $21! The dress I wanted at the the beginning of this summer and it was $79. They had one in a 3Y that will fit her next year.

Now I needed to get to Casa de Fruta and head home.

I stopped and had lunch at Casa de Wine, they have a great deli in the back. I enjoyed my sandwich out in the sunshine and read part of a book I took with me. Then I ran over to Casa de Fruta for raisins, wasabi peas, dried apricots and some honeycomb candy.

After my full day off working I stopped to drop off artichokes, bread sticks and pizza to my mom at work and was home by 4pm. Man what you can pack into 23 fun filled hours!


Dave said...

That pizza looks good! The poor girls drawer is now going to be off and she will have to get a job at Wal-mart or Target!

Dave said...

PS: I think that I have been to those outlets in Gilroy. We did a wedding up there somewhere...

DearGina said...