Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I did it!

Salinas and back in 19 hours and 52 minutes!!! WOW! I was even surprised myself. This time I ran to Monterey for dinner at The Sandbar and Grill. I ordered the Monterey Bay Tubes and Tentacles with Artichokes. YUM! Of course it came with Clam Chowder and French Bread. I even had fresh steamed Green Beans. And since I sat at the bar I had to order a pint of Fat Lip.

I also took fabric to cut and started cutting out 6 more aprons for Christmas gifts. I got about a third of the cutting done and went to bed. I did take them to Tuesday night sewing and get the rest of the cutting done their. I only have 3 to 6 more to make after this batch.

Guess What!?! This was not my last trip! I found out today that I will be making another trip done this coming Tuesday. I may even make another one after that. I will get to leave earlier this Monday, Scott doesn't have to work the holiday. The bad part about leaving earlier is the quilt shop in Pacific Grove will be closed for the Holiday. In 5 trips and I still haven't made it their in time!

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