Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jelly Issues

Okay so last month I made a batch of Fresh apricot and pineapple jelly. YUM, right. Problem is my jelly didn't jell. So I get the advice to recook my jelly and add more pectin. So last night I open 22 jars of non jelled jelly. Toss out 19 lids. Clean 19 jars, rings and new lids. Then recooked my jelly.

Now take a WILD ASS guess what has happened to my jelly. Give up. STILL not jelled!!! To top it off I only have 17 jars of non jelled jelly.

I am thinking of calling it a glaze to be used on pork. We used a jar from the original batch in place of BBQ sauce on a grilled pork tender loin and it was GOOD! Anyone else with an idea?


DearGina said...

I like your marinating idea. Freeze them in small freezer bags and whip out for pork, salmon, etc...
Miss u

MsLizzF said...

Pour over cream cheese for a cool spread to use with crackers? You could add some hot stuff before you pour over the cream cheese to give it a kick!