Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The End of The Weekend

Today was my Sunday. Man did time fly. It has been over 3 weeks since I have had 2 days off, and this week I got them together! I don't think I got much done besides reading a book, yeah the whole book.

I am trying to even remember the last few days. I know I have called each day checking if I have to go to do Jury Duty. Monday and Tuesday were spent running around, banking and non-fun shopping. Last night I did get to go to the Library to sew. I got the first set of borders on my Peaceful Elegance quilt, 2 1/2" stripe Mystery Quilt and figured out that my Tessellation quilt can't have another border because of the size of my back. I also went out to the Farmer's Market with Liz to get some almonds and my weekly squash.

Today has been spent around the house. I re-jelled the jelly, baked brownies and made bleu cheese burgers. The laundry is done and my Mystery quilt has been worked on. I have actually finished half of the blocks finished for my Mystery quilt and tomorrow I will be working on the sashing. I also made some more paper boxes.

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MsLizzF said... have been busy girl!! I'm planing on sewing on my mystery quilt this weekend and of course pack for the retreat next week....have to decide how many projects to take and as you know I have lots and lots to choose from. I plan on working on my Bella Bella for sure. Oh...and my Posh Tot.....the pattern goes into the mail today. I will take my computer on retreat and hope to find internet to hook up too.