Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Memories and Traditions

Again I am caving to peer pressure. Like my friends that blog I am going to share some of our Christmas memories and traditions with all of you.

For me we always spend Christmas Eve at my mom's parents house, filled with family. When I was young their was only 5 girls all of us 1 year apart in age. We would get a phone call in the weeks before Christmas asking us what we would like from our grandparents. Whatever we asked for would be under the tree. I remembering asking for and getting the Barbie Motor Home and a rabbit fur coat. We have now grown to 12 grandchildren and many greats. We always went to see the Grinch House up on the river and listened to the story. Of course the drive down Meadow to see all the lights.

Christmas Eve while we were at the party Santa would always make a quick stop to drop off 1 gift. We would get to open one gift and only one gift one Christmas Eve night. Funny it was always the same pajamas. One year Santa didn't come early and we didn't get to have new pajamas. The next year my mom made sure the pajamas were under the tree. As we got older we new which package to look for, there was always a small "p" on the corner of the label. The theory was you had to have new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve so you looked good Christmas morning for pictures while opening gifts. This is a tradition that has carried over to my and Linda's kids.

Christmas morning my dad's mom and husband, Granny and Grandpa would could over to watch us open gifts, they lived within walking distance even for a 3 year old. My parents would always make breakfast. Then we were to get ready to go to my aunt's to have Christmas dinner with my dad's side of the family.

One of the things Scott loves is going to my Uncle Tom and Jim's house to see ALL the decorations. It is truly amazing. The entire house inside and out is decorated top to bottom. It should be in magazines. I he usually does 3 full size trees. The one tree in the living room has over 3000 ornaments and it is only a 7 1/2 foot tall tree! The first time we went to see the house was a few years ago we were stunned. They had had a party the weekend before Christmas and some candles had caught the living room on fire, not to bad. So instead of cancelling Christmas Eve at their house Jim cleaned all the furniture and carpet AND painted the living room good as new all in 3 days time! WE are looking forward to see the house again next year. When I grow up I want my house to be half as great as Jim's!

We still carry on some of our traditions with Delaney. Santa brings the Christmas Jammies while were out and then comes back with the toys while we sleep. We make breakfast at home Christmas morning. Of course we drive down Meadow many times, filled with cool, mom! mom!, wow, and more. Merry Christmas!

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