Monday, December 3, 2007

Deceptively Delicious

I heard about this book about 2 months ago from a friend. She gave me a quick overview of the concept. I thought hmmm, sounds interesting if I see it I'll flip through it. Black Friday I was at Target, saw this cookbook and flipped through it. I then picked up my cell and called my friend to see if it is the same book. IT IS! The cookbook is Deceptively Delicious by Jessic Seinfeld.

Okay so the concept of the cookbook is "Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Foods." What that means is hiding the healthy foods kids don't really want to try in stuff they love. Some of the things are Chicken Nuggets with any veggie puree, Quesadillas with butternut squash puree, and Brownies with spinach and carrot puree.

I am trying out my first recipe tonight, Chocolate Chip Cookies. They have Chickpeas, oats and fat free margarine spread. They smell just like a Toll House Cookie. The texture is a little different because of the oats. You don't really notice the Chickpeas. I kinda like them. I am hoping to make a puree or two on my days off this week so I can try out a few other recipes.
I purchased my copy at Target. I did see them cheaper at Costco today. I would say this is a worth having book if you have a picky eater in the house.

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