Monday, December 17, 2007

Crappy Sunday FINISHED

So thinking we would have a good Sunday I get up and go to work, an hour late. Once I got to work the paperwork I need to do my job was jacked. Yeah ME! This means longer work day for me. Then I remember to call my friend Nathan to ask to pick me up BBQ at the Austin Airport, I'm late the plane already left. CRAP! So I leave work. My cell phone has died and now my charger isn't working, NO cell phone.

Okay driving home thinking of what needs to be done:
1. Call Ang, see when she is getting to town
2. Clean house for family dinner
3. Make grocery list for Scott
4. Organize Monday breakfast with friends
5. Find Ryan

So by now I am driving through the ghetto. Odd 10:30am on Sunday no one's out. Make the turn to the street that leads to mine, HMMM only 3 people out at the first house, "where is everyone." Make the turn on to Admiral, no one's out. WAIT what are those 7 guys doing walking down my street. They don't belong here. Dang that kid's yellow shoes are ugly. Steve isn't vacuuming his lawn. Jump out of my truck walk around the back to get something out of the passenger side. Hit the door locks, shut the door, and start to walk into the house. Why is that kid picking something up in the "Naked Mexicans" yard. THWACK! What the #*%*! Shit that dumb ass hit my truck with a rock. Damn he busted out my window.

I run to the front door yelling for the phone.

To be continued. Got to go to breakfast with the friends.

Continuing NOW...

Okay we are back from breakfast.

So I get on quickly with 911 and Scott takes off in the truck to slow down the kids until the cops arrive. The 911 lady asked for a description of the kids. "All 7 of them?" Okay. All 7 are black males, 12-15 years of age, all 7 have on baggie jeans, 2 have on BIG white t-shirts, 1 has on BRIGHT yellow tennis shoes, a few have on dark sweatshirts, and some have on hats. Okay so now the cops are on the way. Scott comes home. Scott leaves of the store and sees the cops have the kids. Now PD calls me back and says "we have officers in the area detaining some kids." Me "It's them, my husband just drove past." Lady "if we need anything else we will call you back."

About 10 minutes goes by and a knock at the door. Why Gee it is an officer. "We have some kids detained, would you mind getting shoes on and coming to try to identify them." So now I get to ride in the BACK of a patrol car. THIS is now the point my neighbors are ALL outside doing stuff. Off I go. Around the corner, before we stop I say "it's them." The officer says "we have 2 in the car we are going to take out one at a time." First one is the kid that through the rock. "It's him." The second one is the kid in the yellow tennis shoes.

Now at this point the moral of the story is if your friends are going to do something stupid don't wear clothing that makes you stick out.

I get to ride back to my house and the officer tells me that the other officer will be by to take the report. So I hang out to wait to give my report. Officer shows up and I give the run down. Then I get a business card with officer name, number, and case number. He then tells me the kid is going to juvy, it is a misdemeanor crime, and will be released to his mom. Also that he should be ordered to pay restitution. So basically the kid will say that he can't pay and get community service. Somewhere in the city of Stockton someone will get free labor and I still get to pay for my busted window.

So now that we are done dealing with this, Poop's eye is swollen shut from a wild party Saturday night at Kymn's house. Ang is almost to my house and I still haven't eaten. Happy Crappy Sunday!


Waddle Whimsy said...

Dude, that is awful and I am sorry you had a bad Sunday. All I am saying is move to Linden! Please. :o) No rocks, possibly no naked people but I can't guarantee that Brian will not run naked down the street.

DearGina said...

I agree with Kymn... get out. I'm sorry this happened to you. I am so very afraid for my own kids too

The Sarah Bear said...

Doh! You are brave. I hate that people do bad things but to point them out to be accountable could put us at risk AGAIN because of retaliation. I hate crime.

Sorry you had a Crappy Sunday - did you have a Wonderful Wednesday?