Thursday, September 11, 2008


So we have been busy! As of Monday night Scott finished putting in the new sod in the front yard. We now have green grass! This is a first since we bought the house almost 7 years ago! It looks good, we are hoping it all takes and none of it dies. If your in town drive by and look, you'll be shocked!

As for me, I am in town for a while, I think. I am trying to get the top of a queen size quilt finished for a wedding this Sunday. It wont be quilted in time. I still need to hem a few pairs of pants for my niece Natalie, it is starting to be cold in the mornings. Last I am trying to get a class sample made. I am also writing the directions to the pattern as I go. It is loosely based on the quilt block Whole in the Barn Door using a Bali Pop/Jelly Roll. I can't wait to teach it!

And we can't forget Poop. She is learning that she doesn't like the taste of soap. She has taken to yelling "NO!" at us and blowing raspberries if she doesn't like something she is told.

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