Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Renewed My Faith

I got a call from the District Attorney's Office, again. I do NOT have to appear in Juvenile Court on Monday. AGAIN! Macy was very nice today.

I asked "Why?"
Macy said "The defendant plead guilty."
Macy laughed.
I asked "What happens now?"
Macy said "Have you filed your restitution paperwork yet?"
Me "Yes, back in January."
Macy said "You will now need to contact the defendant's Probation Officer to get your resolution."
Me "Is the worthless piece of shit, I prefer this name to defendant, really going to pay me?"
Macy said "He has plead guilty, he is ordered to pay restitution. You will need to talk to Probation to figure that out."

Next week I am calling Ken the D.A. on the case to find out why this went back to court. Ken said last week "Sometimes a juvenile becomes competent after they have been declared incompetent. I can tell you more after the case is resolved." Ken I will be calling you!


This is about the kid who broke my truck window with a rock 9 days before last Christmas. Here's the link to the original post. Crappy Sunday and the follow up Legal System Sucks.


Dave said...

For those of us in the cheap seats can you tell us the back story?

DearGina said...

WOW!!! Thats great news! Good luck getting that restitution, but at least justice prevailed!