Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fast Food Rant...

Okay I do understand that most people that work in fast food services are still in high school and they are not paid really well. But really how hard is it?

If I order a soda, I will need a straw.
If I order Tea, that does not mean I want Raspberry Tea or Sweet Tea. I want Plain Tea.
If I am at the drive up window and order a soda, I really don't want to be handed a cup with soda running down the sides of it. WIPE IT OFF!
If I order Pintos and Cheese, I will most likely need a Spork.
Chances are I will ALWAYS need napkins, more than one please.
If I ask for catsup and I have 3 orders of fries, 1 packet is NOT enough.

Now here is where I become the difficult customer, when I order my burger with NO ONIONS it means DO NOT put onions on my food. I understand where that is confusing. But don't get pissy with me when I ask you to fix it and NO I wont pick them off.

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