Sunday, September 28, 2008

Greetings From Vacation

Yes we are on vacation! We are enjoying our "vacation ownership" in beautiful Mission Valley (San Diego) California. It has a El Torito and a Benihana Steak House in the parking lot. There is a ton of restaurants and shopping close by, less than 5 miles. H you need to book this one.

We are minutes away from Balboa Park. A 9 mile drive Krispy Kreme, yes we went this morning and bought more than a dozen. And 2 miles away from Mission Valley Mall. Which has TONS of stores, including Target, Macy's, Nordstrom's Rack AND a Hooters!!! Yes we went to Target already we needed bread and milk. We are taking the kids to Hooters soon. LOL!

The kids, we brought Ally too, were great on the way down. We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach yesterday on the way down. THANK YOU Ryan!!! My wonderful friend Ryan works there. It is the second largest in California and 5 in the U.S. It was amazing. Yes I took pictures. Speaking of pictures Delaney had stashed my camera last July and gave it back to me Wednesday night. The little turd! I will fill you all in on that when we get home.

Today has been slow. We did the educational Krispy Kreme self guided tour. I taught Ally how doughnuts are made. We had to stay and watch the Chocolate Bars from start to finish. Which starts as the dough drops onto the lift system that goes up and down a long time until the dough rises enough to get dropped into the oil. Then it floats in the hot oil to the flipping machine. Once it flips to cook the other side it floats to the oil drip off station. Then if it gets glazed it rides through the glaze shower. Last it rides around until someone puts it on a tray to get sold. BUT our doughnuts didn't get a glaze shower so we had to ask what was going to happen to them. We were told our dough nuts were going to be hand dipped and become chocolate bars. A nice lady demo'd it for us. First I will say Krispy Kreme most likely has better names for the process and second Thank God I watch a lot of Food Network.

We also did some shopping at Target and our owner member meeting. The people here about stroked out seeing that we never have been to one and we have been owners for 5 years. No mom we did not buy more points but for wasting an hour of our time we did learn a little bit on how to work the system and got $75 AMEX gift card. We are going to finish our day with a swim in the pool and dinner somewhere.


MsLizzF said...

sounds like you are having a real good time. miss seeing you but will look forward to seeing you soon. enjoy.

ladybug said...

Hey! I miss you! I have a love note for you from the rag-quilt lady - she was really happy with it!

don't fall in love with San Diego - and don't even think of looking for a job while you're there!!!!! (Please!)

See you soon!

miz lizzie said...

I hope you are doing something with my Grandaughters that will leave them with a "Cultural Experience" while in San Diego. Maybe take them to see the "FAll Colors". By the way I don't think the Donner Party made it to San Diego. Love Always, Mom