Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Legal System SUCKS!!!

I got a letter over the weekend saying I need to be in court as a witness on June 3rd. I am thinking Yeah Finally! Then yesterday afternoon I get a call from the D.A.'s office, I am NOT needed in court next week.

I say "Can I ask why I am not needed?"
The nice lady states "the Defendant has been declared incompetent."
Me "WHAT!?!"
The nice lady "There will not be a trail."
Me "Are you telling me I should have ran the worthless piece of shit over when I had the chance!"
The nice lady laughter "No mam, you would be in a bad spot now if you did that."
Me "I was in a bad spot the WEEK before Christmas paying $500 replacing my truck window that worthless piece of shit broke."
The nice lady "I am sorry."
Me "I am glad the legal system works."
The nice lady "I am sorry."
Me "Thank you."
I hung up.

Yes I did call the Defendant a worthless piece of shit twice to the D.A.'s office. I am still in shock that this teenager got a plea bargain out of breaking my truck window. I still don't understand how a teenager doesn't know that they shouldn't throw rocks! Kids in preschool know this.

Now this is not the first time this has happened to us. Scott was involved in a case 5 years ago that the defendant was declared incompetent. His was a little more serious. The week before Thanksgiving we went to the ghetto Target. We ran into our friends Kim and Heather and were talking to them in the parking lot. We started to hear a woman yell for help. Scott ran over and tackled the guy. It ends up that he had a knife and was trying to mug the woman. Scott and some others detained him, zip tied his feet and hands, until the police arrived. The woman needed 3 stitches in her neck from the knife wound and 4 surgeries on her hand because he cut all the tendons on the top of her left hand. We went to court several months later and the Defendant was declared incompetent because he was raised be a single mother and there wasn't a father figure in the home!

I am really starting to understand vigilante justice.


Sandi said...

Now you know why we have all the crime in this town.

DearGina said...

and u also know why we left? I'm sorry:( get out too...please.

Dave said...

Come to Texas! Dianah, don't beat around bush tell us what you really think...

Liz said...

In Texas if someone knocks on your door late at night, you can shot them through the door and claim you thought your life was in danger. I know it's not always right, but it does feel like justice when a criminal is shot in the act and the news reports that charges will not be brought against the person shoting the criminal. "incompetent"???