Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So Like My Father

So today I was more like my father than I should care to admit to. I had to take Poop to the doctor again for a sinus infection, more in a moment. When we are leaving the kids get to pick out a sticker and get a sucker. Poop picked a Sponge Bob sticker, go figure. I get her buckled in the car and off we go. As I am driving I hear "Mom see!" I looked back and what do I see? The STICKER stuck to my beautifully tinted window!!! I went sideways!!! I quickly pull over, jump out of the car to see if I can rescue my window. I get the sticker off and ask Poop "Are you CRAZY!?!?" She was back to playing with the sticker and told me "YES!"

This was such a dad moment. If we even asked if we could put a sticker on the car we would get "THE LOOK." There were never any bumper stickers on my parents cars. This has been past on. Being a car junkie I don't put stickers on my car. Even when I have to have a parking pass and they say just stick it to your window. I ask for the mirror hanger kind.

Now for Poop back at the doctor, she has another sinus infection. We also got a lab slip to have her blood drawn for an allergy test. We will be going tonight after we vote to have her stuck like a pin cushion. With any luck we will be able to figure out what is causing her monthly sinus infections.

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DearGina said...

lol I cant handle the sticker stuff either... Poor laney, hope she feels better...