Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Health Update

As you know Poop has been suffering with Sinus Infections every 4 weeks since last Christmas. Two weeks ago she had her blood drawn to do two Allergy Test panels. Last Wednesday both panels came back negative. Which was good and bad news. We are very happy to learn she is not allergic to anything but this meant we didn't have the answer to the Sinus Infections. I asked the nurse if we could get her Adenoids checked. They don't do that until she has 6 sore throats in 12 months. I am still not sure what the sore throat has to do with the Adenoids.

This past Monday she had her one year check up on her tubes. They are still in place and look good. One is starting to come out but her ENT doctor says that is fine. I asked him about the Sinus Infections. He sent us over to the hospital to have a full set of Sinus x-rays and had us carry them back. The ENT doctor took one look and said "Her Adenoids are too big. We're doing surgery." I did ask if we could do the tonsils too, he said no they are fine. We are waiting the call from the doctor's office to set the date for the surgery. I do know that it will be sometime in the next 4 weeks.

After all that fun on Monday afternoon, we still had to take Poop to another doctor appointment. She woke up with Pink Eye! in both eyes! She is doing much better. It is gone from her left eye and the right eye should be clear by the weekend. She is even laughing and playing when we put in the drops.

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