Thursday, June 5, 2008

Asking for your help

Tomorrow my friend Nathan has a huge test. Please keep good thoughts for him. He has worked hard to get into the PhD program at UT and this test means A LOT!

Now for Poop News...yesterday I had to take her to have 2 viles of blood drawn. She was sooo good. They got the needle in the first arm and she sat quietly and watched. Unfortunately they didn't get enough. When they had to poke her in the other arm she only flinched. When she was finished they gave her a sticker. She asked for 2, so they gave her another one. Since we were close and she NEEDED fries, we headed to In-N-Out. Dave I got you something. LOL.


Liz said...

wow...I can't believe she didn't cry or fuss....some grownup people can't stand to have blood drawn. I will keep good thoughts for Nathan tomorrow. i'm posting from home on my new laptop.

DearGina said...

They should have given her a stethscope or something for not crying! sheesh!

Dave said...

Oh how I miss In-n-Out... I have a friend in Orange County who calls me whenever he is in the drive through! How can someone be that mean to some one that meaningless!