Friday, April 8, 2011

With Friends Like Mine!

Who needs enemies?

It never fails that when a friend needs a partner in crime I get the call. This has been going on FOREVER!!!

A few months after college graduation a friend broke up with her boyfriend. I got THE CALL. I figured I was going to be the Designated Drive after all what are girlfriends for. OH HECK NO! Nothing that easy with this call. She needed someone to jump out of an airplane. Yes I went skydiving.

So no surprise last week I was talking to another girlfriend and she says "If I get 15 UFO's done I am going to redecorate my bedroom in pink and black. You should do it with me." UGGGGH! Okay...

So I walked into the sewing space and looked around. Well Once A Marine only needs binding, one done! Then Dazzling Diamonds was up on a quilter's list for next month so I pieced the back and shipped it out, sorta done. Now for number 3. Stars and Stripes.


I have had this top done to this point for YEARS. Last night I was determined that I was going to get the borders on it. At 10pm I figured out why it has been in the box for so long! I never bought the fabric for the stopper border. That's right all that has been stopping this from being a quilt is 3/8 yard of fabric. After reading Vicki's blog yesterday I realized it is okay to buy a little fabric to get a lot of fabric used.

This is what I mean by getting a lot of fabric used. Last night since I couldn't work on the borders, I did check my stash nothing worked, I pieced the back. I knew I wanted to frame out the panel with the extra fabric from the front. I ended up using over 3 1/2 yards of fabric.

Today I did run to the quilt shop and buy 1/2 yard of blue for the stopper and we are back in business. I will have the borders on today and start the quilting this weekend.

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Vicki W said...

You are on a roll! This goal does sound easier than skydiving - I could never do skydiving! But I'm a fabric buying pro. :)