Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fabric Prices

Okay I was just thinking tonight while I was cutting off selvage what is going to happen with Fabric Prices with the disasters that keep hitting Japan?

In the last few years fabric has gone from $9 a yard up to $10 to $11 a yard. Many fabric manufactures have moved their operations to Japan. Many designers work with teams in Japan to get their designs and colors right before going to production in Japan.

Just this year Kona cotton has gone from $6 a yard last December to $7 a yard in March, that is the first time I purchased it this year. That is about 17% jump in 1 year!

Now if you are wondering who, I have a few for you.
1. Moda
2. Robert Kaufman
3. Micheal Miller
4. Lucein

I am not sure on a few others but I am sure with a little research you could find out.

As budgets are tightening I am wondering what is going to happen to fabric prices. For me at $11 a yard I REALLY have to love the fabric to buy it. I am working more on finishing my UFO's and not starting new quilts. I am shopping my stash before heading out to a store. I am using my scraps and not just storing them. Now I am not saying that I am not buying ANY fabric. I am pickier about what I buy. Instead of buying a half yard of 6 fabrics in a line that I like, I buy a half yard of my favorite that I can use with what I already have. Here is an example. This weekend I saw a fabric with High Heels on it, LOVE! It was white fabric with Black shoes and once in awhile there was a red shoe. SO ME!!! BUT they also had it WITHOUT the red, just white with black. Now I loved the one with the red, the one without worked better with my stash. So I bought a half yard of with one without the red.

Also I was looking through the Connecting Threads catalog today. Their fabric runs $5 to $7 a yard and is Made in the USA. Plus orders over $50 get FREE SHIPPING!!! Has anyone ordered from them? I would love to hear what you think of their fabric. I am thinking of placing an order.


Mary said...

Just found your blog through Field Trips in Fiber. I have ordered from Connecting Threads and find the fabric has a very nice hand, and good color. They had some fabric on sale for $2.96 because it was misprinted--normally $4.96 per yard. I bought it for charity quilts and was very pleased with the fabric. Try it, I think you'll like it. The solids are much nicer than Kona, I think.

miz lizzie said...

I bought fabric from Connecting Threads. Very please with the quality. Comparable to anything I have bought at a quilt shop. What I really liked is my order says it should be received in approx 7 days. I have had my orders received in 1, 3 and 5 days. I was impressed.

Sandi G said...

I have bought fabric, thread, books, and notions from Connecting Threads. Very pleased with the product and service. There is a cotton shortage causing the rise in fabric prices. Clothing is also affected but the good news is the farmers are going to plant more cotton this year. Go farmers!