Monday, April 4, 2011


Some of you may have heard by now a rumor that I am not going to be paying my 2011-2012 dues to Manteca Quilt Guild. It is true.

I am taking this time to explain why. Also if you want to speak to me about it feel free to leave a comment, call or e-mail me.

This is not intended to bash anyone but to explain my feelings and actions. I set a goal at the beginning of 2010 to help bring change to the Manteca Quilters. I feel I honestly tried. I was supported by many members in my efforts and genuinely thank all of you for that.

Unfortunately I feel like I am being Bullied by one member. I have had a few problems with this member regarding a few different issues. Other members have had the opportunity to stand up to this member and instead have chosen not to and bash me along with her. Those members have said good things to my face about the projects I have worked on but once confronted with the Bully joined her.

I have been accused that I have ramrodded my pet projects down the guild throat. In fact I presented an idea to the board, who approved it and then took the idea to the guild to vote on the idea. According to the vote ALL members present voted yes. It has also been said that I don't understand that just because there is money in the Guild's bank account that I cannot just decide to spend it.

I will say that 2 of 3 committees I was on did over spend their budgets. Let me explain.

1. Christmas Quilt Block Committee budget $200 spent about $140

2. Christmas Dinner PROJECTED budget of $900, that would be 80 members paying $10 each for dinner total of $800 and $100 from the guild budget. Actual was 64 members paying for dinner and $100 from the guild for a total of $740. We still had to buy food, plates and treat for all 80 people. From what checks we were reimbursed we figured we spent about $760. So yes we were about $20 over budget. Leftover food and bottled water was taken to the December class for guild members to enjoy.

3. Quilt Show Gift Baskets budget $0 spent $28. This committee has NO BUDGET. The Quilt Show Chair did pre approve both of the $14 purchases that were made for this committee. One was for 8 spools of ribbon for the baskets and the other was for buckets to hold tickets. I will also say that this committee brought in $1400 this year and we the committee spent 2% of that.

I would like to clear up one more issue. It has been said that I am a new member and don't understand how things work. This is incorrect. Although I am younger than most of Manteca Quilt Guild membership I have been a member for 9 years. I have also been a member of other non profit groups and do understand budgets.

At this time I do not feel it is productive for me to be a member of this group.

This does NOT mean I am going to quit sewing and quilting. PLEASE know that I am still here to answer questions and help my friends. You can call me and I will help you.


jennifer said...

I agree with it all!!!
Im not going to miss you cause......I see you outside the guild.
I will be refraining from taking on anything this year due to same issues.

jennifer said...

Was it true........ buckets
where purchased for tickets because there where too many baskets this year?

Dianah said...

Ticket buckets did need to be purchased because we had more gift baskets than we had ticket buckets.

sew rosey said...


So sorry you have been discouraged from being a member, but the fact is, you have brought positive changes to the guild!

You are an inspiration to me, with all your energy and zest for life. Please don't stop blogging--love reading about and seeing pictures of your latest projects, and your darling family.

Sandi G said...

How sad. It sounds like one dumb ass will cause a lot of people to miss out on your positive contributions. I'm sorry others didn't have the courage to stand up for you. I miss you.

Dianah said...

Sew Rosey- Thank you! I honestly tried. I am will still be blogging and have a few tricks up my sleeve. So watch out!

Sandi G- I miss you too. Thank you for the support. I do think this is a possitive move for me.

Lue-Anne said...

I understand why. I will miss seeing you at the meetings. It just means we will have to find other things to do together.

barb w said...

I for one benefited from one of your ideas. I love my Christmas quilt and would never have had it if not for your efforts. Sorry I won't be seeing you at the meetings but I will keep up with your life on facebook.

Sherry said...

I am sorry that you have decided to leave the club. You have lots of energy and good ideas. You presented your idea for the Christmas Quilt Block project very nicely to the board. Unfortunately it was never brought to the club for a vote and there was no mention of it in the minutes unless one found a copy of your proposal. It was never voted on before the budget planning and the new board had no clue it was even proposed. Then the new board was caught in a situation where it was not budgeted. We remedied that situation immediately and alloted $200. It was not a 100% favorable vote. It was a good project and you budgeted wisely. There were no complaints, but you assumed that it was automatically approved for the next year. I spoke with you at length to try to brainstorm ways to finance the project without sending a red flag to the authorities. You were told that the Christmas dinner was delightful and your bills were all covered. If the attendance at the Christmas dinner had been greater there would never have been an issue. It did help the board to realize that we need to clearly identify exactly how much is budgeted. As for the gift baskets, they were spectacular and very profitable. To say that it was not budgeted isn't exactly correct as it would fall under the general budget for the quilt show.
As for a bully in the club, you never told me who it was so I could not very easily stand behind you if I chose to. I am sorry that you felt targeted ,but I don't feel that you were forthright enough to me so I could understand the situation. Thanks for you inovative ideas and energy. Sherry H

Sherry said...

oops! Mispelled innovative!

jennifer said...