Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sampler Sunday!

I am making a Sampler Quilt! Who's joining me?

I decided that I have a ton of SCRAPS leftover from my Stars & Stripes quilt that I needed something to do with. I don't have much yardage but I do have usable chunks. I thought why not make a sampler. Most of the fabric is from an old Moda line "We The People." This next one is Red, Green and Cream. I belonged to a guild that I chaired the Christmas Quilt Committee. The idea was to make a 12 inch block in Red, Green and White/Cream. You bring it to the meeting and get a ticket to win a finish quilt at the Christmas Dinner. The biggest question I got asked in the year was "what block do I make?" I am here to help! Also my friend Bonnie is collecting 12 inch blocks in Red, White and Blue to make Sampler Quilts for Quilt of Valor. Photo of that block later in the week.

The block I started with is Four Corners from Quilters Cache. There are tons of free blocks on the site. I usually sort by size to find a block. This block was SUPER easy to cut and piece. It took me under an hour and that was with a diaper change, getting dessert and a phone call to mom. Next Sunday I am throwing you a CRUVE! Who's in with me?

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sophie said...

Funny you should mention SAMPLER quilts. Tonight I am working on borders for the sampler quilt I started too many years ago (2006!). Once I put the blocks together, I told myself to just add some plain borders, but the quilt had other ideas ;-)

Quilters tend to love 'em or hate 'em, but personally, I'm a fan of interesting sampler quilts ;-)