Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Did you know...

That 1 in 5 kids in American suffer from Obesity. This is a big concern to me. That number just seems way to high. Did you also know that everyone needs to take 10,000 steps a day. That's not to loose weight, just to maintain good health. Also not all babies stop eating when they are full, doctors are WRONG!

We have not really had a fun 2 weeks. Delaney got more teeth and we are still waiting for 2 more molars to finish coming in. So that means in 5 weeks she got 2 little teeth and 4 molars. On top of that she has had a double ear infection, conjunctivitis and a few other -itis' I don't remember. She is in good spirits though. On top of all this Scott gave her a whole Quesidilla. She ate it all, she also puked an hour later.

For me, I did get 9 of my 10 sewing projects done in March and I only spent $9. I am very happy with the out come. I did not finish any of my UFO's but I finished a few projects that hadn't even made it to the list. I did work on 2 last night at quilting though. I am going to enter the Paper Craft Magazine Idol contest so wish me luck. I will post a picture as soon as I get my entries done. And yes Nathan the entry way closet is finished (I found a box of wedding gifts we never unloaded). I also did the top of the fridge and the cupboard over the fridge. I can't believe how much I have got done on my Resolution list! I also bought a pedometer yesterday(Tuesday) I am going to see if I am even walking close to my 10,000 steps a day.

And now for Scott. He is working in San Ramon right now. He has been asked to run the next release of houses (about 15) so the other foreman can get caught up. We are also waiting for another job (apartments) to get released and then Scott will take over a different job still in San Ramon. He has been asked again if he would go to Nevada. He has agreed to go help get the job started (first few weeks only) and to go up if the foreman needs a vacation or help for a week. The problem is where he would stay while he was their. Someone said he could commute. NO! I do have family in Reno that he could stay with and he would have to commute to Genoa, which is more than an hour away.

Sorry I still don't have pictures. I killed the battery in my camera and haven't bought a new one. Maybe next week.


MsLizzF said...

You are way too busy....I see you got my blog up in your first link on a blog....that feels good.

DearGina said...

Hi Dianah,
Just wanted to introduce myself:) Heather sent me your blog cause I said HOW do I find LIKE blogs? LOL Heres mine too! Happy quilting, I'm enjoying your blog!

The Sarah Bear said...

Hey woman! Where are you - I get addicted to your writings in one day and then - you vanish! Can't wait to read your next entry...

Hooked on Dianah,