Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bittersweet, and I Don't Mean Chocolate.

I am going back to work. I am not that excited about returning to work and leaving Poop. The sweet part is that I am going back to Food 4 Less as a bookkeeper with my old boss Diane. I really enjoyed that job and Diane as a boss. Also my sister is going to be watching Poop. I will start work at 5:30am and I will be off around 10:30am, so I will be with Poop most of the day anyway. I will also be working 2 weekends a month. I also let her know about my trip to Texas and she said no problem. SouthFork here I come.

I am working on everything for Diana's shower today. I need to come up with one more game and 2 more girl prizes. I started the favors this morning. I need to sew the table cloths. I was thinking of making an advice album for the parents to be from the shower guest. I am also cleaning house.

Scott is in San Ramon for a long while now. He is on the job he will be taking over learning the houses with his lead man Nick. It is nice that he isn't really working now. It is a lot nicer on his back too.

Delaney is Delaney. She is teething again. Quick buy stock in baby medicine. Man we go through that stuff. She is learning to play hide n seek and laughs like crazy when she is found. She also has learned she likes Aunt Linda's coffee, I am sure it is filled with milk and sugar since the cup I saw was very light. She also has been trying like mad to get into a bar of bittersweet baking chocolate.

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DearGina said...

OH MAN! I hope this doesnt cut into your quilting time!!!..nail biter..
Games for shower...hmmm, steal the diaper pins if u say baby?
Put a sheet of paper behind your back and tear out a baby shape, best baby shape wins?
Tape measure the tummy, winner gets lunch out with mommy and baby?
Heather, gemme a hand here would ya?