Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What We Learned This Week...

We have all learned lots this week. I will start with Poop. She learned that her finger fits in her nose. You can still suck your thumb with your finger in your nose. And you can laugh, suck your thumb and have your finger in your nose, it is very funny when mama says "Cocka Poop, cocka!" The best place to read a book is on top of the basket filled with toys. She figured out how to scoot her butt to go down her slide. She loved hunting Easter Eggs, and yelled at us if we touched her eggs. She had a death grip on her basket. Delaney has also learned that she loves Mega 100.1 R&B and Old School Favorites, so far she really likes Kool & The Gang and Parliament, not so much on the Funkidelics. Did you know that the Funkidelics and Parliament are the same group they have 2 names because they recorded on 2 different labels.

Scott is working this week one the job he will eventually take over in San Ramon. He does get home earlier since they are able to start earlier. He is running this job this week, which means he really isn't working. Scott learned how to convert a file to a jpeg to be able to e-mail it. What he is still trying to learn is how to print the houses he drew to print in blue print size. It seems everyone thinks they know how to do it, until they realize they don't have the same program to be able to manipulate the drawings so they can print.

As for me, I am brilliant and don't need to learn anything else. LMAO! I have learned that I don't need so much stuff! Needless to say I am getting rid of a lot of it. I am down to only 8 swaps for PaperCrafting and am hoping to have 4 of them done in the next week. Keep your fingers crossed. I am currently working on 3 UFO quilts. I am hoping to have the borders on 2 of them tonight, I call them the ugly quilts. Ang one is for your birthday gift!LOL. I am hoping to quilt them by early May. I am also working on my Parts Department quilt. I am hoping that my new friend Gina will quilt it. Hint, Hint. I still have 4 baby quilts to get done. STOP drinking the water in Stockton! Here is a picture of the one I did for baby Nathan.

I get to go visit friends in Texas in June! I can't wait. My dear friend Nathan is working on his PhD in Economics at University of Texas so I will spend a week with him in Austin. He is going to take me to Dallas area to see my other wonderful friends Dave and Liz. As much as I miss all of them and look forward to seeing all of them, the highlight of my trip is I get to go to Southfork Ranch. I am so excited! I love Dallas. I watched it as a kid and I am watching it now on Soap Network. I have also bought the seasons they have released on DVD. Lastly I have been working on the kitchen cupboards this month for my Resolution. I was going to do one a month but I am about half way done already! Let's see if I finish by May.


The Sarah Bear said...

Yes... you are brilliant! And you are a damn good quilter as well! AND OH MY GOSH! Poop is so adorable I can't stand it! The CURLS! I love it when their little baby hair wraps around their little baby ears! If she is like Sarah it gets super twisty after a run through the sprinklers!

Keep the blogs coming - you got a real fan here :)

DearGina said...

I say, damn the torpedos and get those UFO's off the table! ( if u saw my closet of them u would smack me for that statement) Cant wait to get some quilting done for ya! I'm glad you blogged too, cause I was blinking on and off with no new blogs for ya!! Your Baby is delicious:)

DearGina said...

Oh man! I saw that Turning 20 purple lovey!!! Get her done!!! Lets see, I see beautiful swirls in lavender threads ! WOOHOO!