Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coming to the End

Well the month is almost over. I am half way productive. For my New Year's Resolutions I am half way through cleaning the entryway closet and we are cooking at home about 3 nights a week. Me and my mom are going to Dinner My Way this Friday. My house is running low on food. As for my March goal I have only spent $7 on sewing stuff and I have needed that stuff to finish projects. Of the 10 thing to be done and gone 4 are done. This last week I finished baby Nathan's blanket, an outfit for Natalie and I made Poop some Cinqo de Mayo pants. Today I am finishing her Easter dress. Not bad for me. I'll have pictures next week.

Poop is walking all over the place. She finally decided it was time. We had to buy another garbage can for the recycles at our house because we would find her going through the bag and finishing the cans of Diet Pepsi and bottles of Beer. She does hand them to us when she's done.

Scott is still in San Jose for work. We are hoping soon he will be in San Ramon. He just finish designing a second house to build and they should be breaking ground on them both soon. He also started to clean up the back yard so we have been eating dinner outside. Jackson is not to sure about it. He can't figure it out.


MsLizzF said...

Dianah...e-mail me. I got the directions for your moms class in Turlock but she didn't come last night to the Tuesday group. I need her e-mail address. Liz

MsLizzF said...

You can e-mail me from my blog....look in my profile and click the e-mail on the left hand side.