Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Have Decided...

Everyone needs to be Celebite in June. I really can't take anymore birthdays in March. I still have 5 birthdays to go this month, I have already made it though 5. It feels like we are eating cake every other day. I have also decied that bathtubs need to come in the color of soap scumb. It took me an hour to get mine clean yesterday.

Delaney is walking more everyday. She has gotten 3 new teeth in the last 10 days. I think that is why she has been mad at the world lately. We picked up her birthday pictures today. So you will see them soon.

Scott is still working in San Jose. We are hoping that he will be moved to a track in San Ramon in the next month. He has also been working with a new guy, that wants to learn more and stay with Scott.

As for me I am working on cleaning out the entry way closet this month. Yes it will take a month. I am doing good on the New Year's Resolutions. I am working on my March goal of 10 tings done and gone from my sewing room. One item is gone and 8 are close. I was trying not to buy any fabric to get the 10 things done, so far I have spent $5.30. Not bad for me. I do have only 10 days to make Delaney's Easter dress in. She is having her pictures taken in it on the 23rd. Wish me luck.

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