Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ahhh Thursday!

Almost the weekend! Well it is my weekend. I got to spend my morning with Poop and my niece Allison. Which in turns means I got to spend my afternoon cleaning the living room.

Josh, my brother in law, had knee surgery this morning. No worries, he is home now and all went well. So Allison brought donuts to my house along with some books to hang out. The girls had a blast. They unloaded the dresser and armoir of ALL clothing. Bounced in the crib. Fed Jack TONS of cookies, he still has breakfast waiting. Had a popcorn fight in Scott's living room. And last watched tons of Dora, Diego, and Sponge Bob.

I on the other hand didn't have as much fun. I did dishes, started dinner, have laundry in progress and cleared the air hockey table. I am hoping to sew and papercraft when Scott gets home. I have a few swaps I would like to finish and mail tomorrow.

Last and REALLY not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your movie tomorrow.

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