Sunday, June 3, 2007

204 Days...

Until Christmas. Can you believe it! Where has the year gone? For my New Year Resolutions May was a flop. I don't think I did any of them. Nothing cleaned, nothing sewn, didn't touch the Gazelle, I did cook a few times though. June is a new start. As for Christmas, I still need to finish Allison's quilt from last Christmas. I have started my mom's gift. I have been trying to come up with something cool to make for our friends gifts this year. I am open to suggestions.

Work has been busy. I actually got this weekend off. I really didn't do anything exciting though. I did make Poop a few new hair clips. I bought her clips with black feathers on them last Christmas time, this week she ate them. So I made her a new pair. I also made her a 4th of July pair. I also fixed 2 scrapbook layouts that I didn't really like the first time around.

Weight Watchers is going well. I am down 15.4 lbs. I rarely get to go to meetings anymore but I have a great group of friends that are also doing it and we e-mail each other support often. I don't think I will hit the 20 lbs mark before I go to Texas on the 20th but I should hit my 10% mark. I know Texas isn't going to be Weight Watcher friendly.

May 31st marked the first day to pick up the instructions for the R Lily Stem Quilt shops mystery quilt. I of course was down on the first day. This year's quilt if called Guilty As Charged. This is the fifth year I am doing this. I have even finished two of the quilt tops. Mine is red, green and white from the Holly Go-Lightly line. I had to order one of the fabrics from New York and it should be here soon. The first step is always the easiest, I did it today in a half hour. I also went with my mom today to get her instruction and pick out the rest of her fabric. Her's is cream, mauve, and a print with poinsettia's and pine cones. Can't wait for step 2 on June 30th.

Poop is doing okay. We went to the ENT on Thursday. She now has a double ear infection and they are scheduling her appointment to get tubes. We are waiting to find out if they will do it in Stockton (because of insurance) otherwise we will have to go to another ENT and start over. Friday she had her 15 month check up. She is 31 inches tall and 22 lbs and 11oz. She is now in the 50% for weight. Her verbal skills are advanced since she knows more than 3 words. She currently has 6 teeth trying to come in, which is part of the reason for ear infections. Also Dr B was impressed with the way she kept trying to help him use the computer and she sat on the floor to read her new book.

Scott is still in San Ramon. We are just waiting to hear if he is going to Merced or when he will take over the job their. He is also waiting on breaking ground on the houses in West Sacramento. The plans are at the city and waiting for the list of changes. Their is also the possibility of a dental remodel in San Francisco. If that happens I hope he doesn't get the job in Merced. Believe it or not the Blazer is still running well, 310,000 miles later.


Nathan said...

Why are you against Merced? I think the commute down there would be easier than going to the city. Plus that's where all of my folks are buried, so he'd have company from the grave.

Don't worry about Weight Watchers and Texas. We can have one good meal (BBQ, fried okra, etc.) and eat light for the rest of the day. Plus we'll be out doing so much you'll get more exercise than you ever could on your Gazelle. See you in a few weeks!

DearGina said...

HI!! waving vigorously
I think u should make all your friends photo memory pillows... Thier pets pic on it.. or thier kids... Ask H, inexpensive, and the wow factor:)
Hey, Ill be in Stockton on sat june 23rd if you are ready for me:) I cant believe how busy u are! Poops adorable, and congrats on the weight loss!!!