Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

Someone tell me, PLEASE! I go back to work, PART TIME, and I am working 6 days a week. This is nuts. I do love what I do though. I found out yesterday I will be training for the Rancho San Miguel stores next week. Se Habla Espanol. Which is good because my boss was actually thinking about sending me to the Merced store and giving phone training. I told her she was crazy! The good news is my boss, Diane, asked me if I would be interested in working one day a week in the main office help her out. I said sure I would love too. Diane said good I will set up an interview with my boss, Wendy, for you. The same day Diane asked me to go to the warehouse and help her with our storage of papers their. No problem, so off I go. Our warehouse is connected with our main office in Lathrop. In the hallway of the office we run into Wendy. Diane introduces us. Wendy asked me how I am doing with the new job. I say it is great thank you and out to the warehouse I go. I am suppose to have my interview this week. But wait. I talked to Diane Monday and she said I already had it. No, I would remember a job interview. She said Wendy was impress with what she saw of me and I got the new job, one day a week. Yeah Me! So tomorrow I start, with phone training!

I started tanning last night to get ready for my trip to Texas, in 4 more weeks! I can't wait to see Nathan, Tony, Dave and Liz! And who could miss Southfork Ranch or Cabella's. I am working on a few things to submit for a magazine call, wish me luck! I am hoping to submit 5 things and get one picked up. I have been at Weight Watchers 10 weeks now and have lost 13.2 lbs, and fitting into my summer clothes. I haven't had time to sew lately but hoping to soon.

Poop is teething again. Which means another ear infection. Which means she is sick from the prescription. She is happy though. We do get to see an ENT next week and look into her getting tubes in her ears. I think this will be a good thing. She loves swimming. I am looking into getting her swim lessons this summer. It would be a private lesson and she would learn to kick to the surface, flip to her back and get to the edge of the pool.

Scott did nothing for his birthday. We went to Dante's with my parents for pizza. He is now $100 closer to the $2000 binoculars he wants. I am sure they do something amazing that the $600 pair he already has doesn't do. Maybe they carry the deer out for you. He is still in San Ramon waiting to take over the job. His office is bidding plans for a tract in Merced. If they get it he will be going down their. Maybe we could carpool? No exciting plans for the holiday weekend. I am working, ALL 3 days.

Be safe. Buckle up. Don't Drink and Drive, anything! That's it for public safety announcements.


DearGina said...

damn... Im tired just reading!!! Go for SLO food 4 less.... we need ya:)

The Sarah Bear said...

LOL - You are a busy girl!!! CONGRATS on the 13+ pounds!! I am at an 8 pound loss myself, feeling pretty good, but anyone whom has paid attention lately would see that is actually less of a loss than I had last week... damnit! But this week I will make up for it. WW works... it's just that I don't always listen :)

Hey - you know that towel you so graciously made Sarah, what is the cost of them? I think I might have buyers!!!

Miss ya - get ready for our next coffee night!