Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We've been busy!

I am still trying to adjust to working again. Getting up at 4 am is crazy! The job is good though. They are wanting me to train for the Rancho San Miguel stores. I have told them I can't speak Spanish, I will have Monica and Margie on speed dial. These stores are more difficult and time consuming. I guess they think I am going to be able to handle it. Some of the other book keepers can't. Also I am down to 2 swaps. One is a secret sister swap. No big deal. Hopefully I will have more time to sew.

Delaney is doing good. She gets smarter everyday. Last week she got a clean towel out of the closet and went to the bathroom to wash her hands and face in the toilet. How smart is that! Not many 14 month olds know to get a towel BEFORE they play in the toilet. She has learned where he nose is. She usually put her finger in her nose and then laughs but she can find her nose. She also tries to open the frig when she wants a drink. She is still honing her most important skill, finding diamonds. Now when we ask her "where's the diamond?" She looks first for a wedding ring, then earrings and last for a necklace. I think it is important to also teach her some life skills. Our friend Kevin is going to teach her about diamond quality when she is a little older.

Scott's birthday is coming up. He will be 32 on Sunday. We are going to some comedy thing on Saturday night with my sister and Josh. Other than that no big plans. He is still working in San Ramon and waiting for the job to be turned over to him. It is a big hurry up and wait.

We are still have some minor problems with the new hard drive for the computer so no new pictures. Maybe soon. I haven't even loaded any music to my very cool green Ipod Shuffle. Which is my reason for not using my Gazelle.

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DearGina said...

There u are! I thought u got lost in the produce department er somethin!!!