Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Goals

So I have been thinking what my GOALS for 2011 will be. I have been thinking this will be the Year of Dianah! Yep all about me! It is going to sound a lot selfish and a lot egotistical but I do so much for others this year I am doing for me!

1. Maintain my weight loss. I have lost just over 30 lbs this past year. I am not sure if I want to loose more but I do know I don't want to find what I lost.

2. Sew 6 pieces of clothing for me! Some of you may know that I have 2 college degrees one is in Fashion Design and the other is in Fashion Merchandising. I rarely take time to make clothes for me. I buy the stuff, pattern, fabric, notions, thread ect but that's as far as it gets.

3. I am going with 12 UFO's again. Here is the BIG secret, I often take classes I WANT to take for something for ME. Then I get home and it goes in a box because I then have to get something done for someone else. I have already finished 1 UFO for me this year.

4. Try new recipes. I enjoy cooking. I LOVE Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. Sometimes I feel like why bother the girls are just as happy with a corndog. So 4 new recipes a month!

I have decided that I will have a monetary reward for my goals. So each month I will get $10 that I maintain my weight. I will get $10 for each piece of clothing and each UFO. I am still trying to decide if I will do $10 per a recipe or a month. Now you might be wondering "what is she doing with the money" I am going on a ME vacation for my birthday, NO kids!

On the last day of each month I will post my progress on my goals. What are your goals this year?

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