Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Okay I am a little late. But you know what they say "Better late than pregnant!"

Scott came home for a fast pace two weeks. We did the traditional 3 days of Christmas and then we were headed out for vacation! We left New Year's Eve for Bakersfeild, a vacation HOT SPOT! We actually spent the night so we could get up at 6am and head to DISNEYLAND!!! We had a wonderful time. My parents met us their and we spent 4 days at the park. We drove home on the 5th to unpack the truck and pack Scott up to leave for Iraq on the 6th.

Scott did talk to the company in Texas and just because of timing nothing has changed. They are staying in contact and would like to fly out to meet with Scott the next time he is home. We are still hopeful.

Now on to the new year. This is the first year in MANY that I haven't spent New Year's Day making a quilt top from start to finish. I don't feel like the year has really started. Has anyone set any Resolutions or Goals? I aim for goals, I need to review last year's and make some for this year. Plus my blog-versary is next week, hmmm what to do.

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sew rosey said...

Glad you and your family were able to have a nice vacation!

Bakersfield vacation destination-- Really?!