Monday, May 16, 2011

Kick Off To Summer Self Challenge Week 3

ONLY 14 days left to Memorial Day. I have to mentally prepare for it. The 31st wont get here soon enough!

I think I am doing okay on my Kick Off To Summer Self Challenge.
1. Lost 2.9 lbs
2. Will be starting Week 3 on the iFit. It is fun but I did slack off last week.
3. The weather isn't really working with me on the tanning thing. I lay out a few days it then is cold and raining. I have some color but would like more.
4. I have 2 quilts at 2 different quilters. I have one that I have half way quilted and the binding is cut for. AND the quilt I picked up last week I am sewing the binding on the back this week.

I am a work in progress!

I am hoping to work on the Pillow and have it ready to show you all next Monday. I am making 2 this year. One to give away and the other for me! Each year I want to keep the pillow this year I am.

Anyone else working on a challenge by Memorial Day?

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