Monday, May 2, 2011

Kick Off To Summer Self Challenge

Ok there is only 28 days to Memorial Day, which is the unofficial kick off to summer! So I am challenging myself with a few things. Anyone up to join me in a self challenge?

Here is my Kick Off To Summer Self Challenge
1. Drop 5 pounds
2. Get some color, red is a color
3. I will complete through week 4 of Jullian Michael's iFit on the treadmill
4. I will finish 3 quilts

Also for those that have been with me awhile know that Memorial Day brings my annual pillow give away. I am already working on this years idea.

Who's joining me? Leave me a comment with your Kick Off To Summer Self Challenge.


miz lizzie said...

I'm in for the challenge.
10 lbs.
One quilt top cut
Get my summer clothes to the front of the closet and the stuff that doesn't fit out of the closet.

Bonnie said...

Well finished the wedding quilt. Finished two aprons and potholders to match for Mother's Day for my daughters. Working on a 3 baby quilts - 2 tops done and 3rd almost done and then to quilt. Working on the exercise. Already got the red hair. Would like to get some sun and get a tan, so I guess I am with you. Miss you and your mom Tuesday night.