Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday- Boob Job!

Yep you read that right I am THANKFUL for my BOOB JOB!

So last night I realized that I told you all I had cosmetic surgery last year but that was it. So here we go!

At the beginning of December 2011 I finally decided to call a few doctors for consults for implants. December 9th I went to a doctor in Auburn for a consult and decided on the spot he was doing my surgery. I walked out and scheduled surgery for the 20th. Now they have never done consult to surgery in 11 days. AND NO this wasn't an impulse decision.

I came home and called a girlfriend and asked if she could take my girls for a few days so I could have surgery and she said of course! Then I had to call my parents. I was dreading it. Talked to my mom first, she was okay with it. I expected some yelling, NONE. Then my dad, he said "I figured you would". My dad was my driver and the one helping me after surgery.

My aunt and a good friend were TOTALLY against it! Now they both are glad I am happy and after seeing my before and after photos have changed their opinions.

So why did I do it? and what was done? and how much did I get? You know the questions everyone wants to know but some are too polite to ask.

First of all I have wanted a Boob Job since I was in my early 20's, more than 15 years. My bust measurement didn't equal my hip measurement, HUGE difference. At the time I hadn't worn a swimsuit in more than 10 years, I love the water. I had been wearing a padded bra EVERYDAY of my life for more than 12 years. I couldn't wear ANYTHING strapless. It had a huge impact on my life.

I ended up getting Medium Profile Silicon implants under the muscel and a lift. What this means in English is the implant is slightly rounded and placed between my pectoral muscle and my rib cage. Yes that hurt. BUT worth it! This does help make it a more natural look.

I did get 425cc of silicon. YEP it sounds like a lot because it is. No I don't have HHH size boobs. I had a good reason to go that big. I started between an A and  SMALL B cup size. I was NOT okay with that. I now at a D to Small DD. I am so HAPPY.

I tell EVERYONE that if you truly want Cosmetic Surgery DO IT!!! It will not make someone love you more. It will not make you Rich and Famous. IF you want it for you it could be the best thing you ever do.  

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