Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tips and Tricks for Retreats

It is the time of year for many Quilting/Sewing Retreats. I thought I would share a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your time and money at a Retreat.

1. Plan on arriving close to the check in time. Most are scheduled for the afternoon. Plan on leaving home with time to shop and eat lunch on the way to the Retreat. Don't plan on arriving early. Your host may need that time to finish setting everything up for you. Housekeeping may need that time to finish getting everything ready from the previous departing Retreat.

2. In most cases a Retreat isn't a fashion show. Pack light! You don't need a ton of clothes. Do you really plan on spending time styling your hair? Leave the blow drier, hot rollers and flat iron at home. Pack a hat if you think anyone is going to care what your hair is going to look like.

3. Bring a FEW snacks and your FAVORITE drink. I am NOT saying bring a ton of groceries. You never know when a meal is something you just don't like. If you are a Pepsi snob bring enough to get you through the Retreat. There is a possibility the venue only serves Coke and it could be a long Retreat if you don't have your Pepsi.

4. Make sure your sewing tools are in good working order. Has your sewing machine been serviced recently? Have you changed your rotary blade? Don't bring that brand new sewing machine you bought this week. You aren't familiar with it. You will spend a lot of time learning your new machine and not working on your projects.

5. Make sure you bring enough sewing tools and everything is labeled with your name. Bring extra needles for your machine, it is suggested that you change your needle after 8 hours of sewing or after finishing a large project. Extra rotary blades. Pack a sewing tool kit. You need oil for your machine, pins, scissors, seam ripper, rulers, empty bobbin cases, ect. Bring an extension cord. Check with your host if you need to bring your cutting mat or iron. I don't automatically pack mine. A mat takes up a lot of room if you have to leave it in your car it could get warped.

***I had another thought. If you have a habit to use Spray Starch or Steam when pressing you should bring your own starch or a spray bottle of water. If you aren't using your own iron I would NOT take the chance of using the steam setting you never know what gunk could be in the iron. Also in my Travel Sewing supplies I keep Iron Cleaner and a clean cloth. You never know when you might need it.

6. Don't bring 110 projects! Think about how many projects you can finish in the length of the Retreat and then add 1 or 2 more projects. I say add 1 or 2 projects because you may finish faster than you thought you would. Or you could run into a problem on one of your projects that you can't finish till you get home. Also pack one handwork project. You never now when you may want a break from you sewing machine.

7. Prepare your projects so they are ready to sew once you arrive. Read you sewing directions. Cut everything out and label what you cut out. Pre-whined 2 or 3 bobbins. Make sure you have enough thread for the project, especially if you are using a specialty thread. Put EVERYTHING into one kit, bag/box. This way your only have to take out 1 project at a time and it is organized. Bring the extra fabric you never know when you might need it. OR someone at the Retreat could give it a new home.

*** This IS NOT necessary***
Take something small for your hostess or other Retreat attendees. If your guild is having a Quilt Show coming up bring information for each attendee. If you have a favorite tool that would make a great host gift. Or you could make something small for each attendee, you may want to include the directions if you can.

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Great advice--glad you are blogging again! :)